Following is "TO DO" history. Who knows, someone may be interested to take a look on the tasks - completed and failed - and whatever more I may put here...


Planned for August 2007: The first response from user - asking for tray icon left click for screen ruler. (DONE)

Requested on 2nd of August, done on 9th. The original text pasted below:

Hi, Your Screen Ruler is great. The best that i\'ve seen around. But is it posible to make it reappear from tray afetr a single click or at least doubel click? It will be much more user friendly this way. I love to see this functionality added. (T.N.)

I hope I'll be able to do this soon. At least - because this is the very first user contacted me with features request.

Yep, done now in the new release of Screen Ruler ;-)


Planned for Sep 2007: To answer to the 1st critical review: about Text to HTML converter -- probably with new version (with some text formatting like  , tabulators etc.) (skipped, no need to answer to bad reviews, may the people review!)


Planned for Sep 2007: To build "packages" - probably 2 versions (free and shareware tools included) - with all the gizmos in one setup/install (delayed)


Planned for Sep 2007: To build new version of Converter - color highlighting for input/output, the help-file hidden bug fixing, help to be translated into russian and french (DONE)


Planned for Oct 2007: To build 1st beta of Sitemap Generator (DONE)


Planned for Oct 2007: To rebuild converter - trial version (DONE)


Planned for Oct 2007: To launch the download site ( (DONE)


November 2007 - Sitemap Generator v.1 to be finished (CLOSE), new version of screen ruler (DONE), screen capture toy to be updated (DONE), probably - the initial alpha of "spider"...


November/December 2007 - Screen Capturer 3 (final) to be published (with "capture window" function, jpeg/gif settings and probably - system tray icon)