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Text to HTML Converter - Help Info

To convert text file - just open the file ("Load from file" button) or paste the content of the clipboard ("paste from clipboard" button) and click "Convert!".


convert text to html


Then you can save the converted code ("save to file" button) or copy converted html to clipboard ("copy to clipboard".


There is one additional option: the preview window. Click "preview" if you want to see the converted (html) code in the integrated html browser.


And one hint: if you want, you can test the tool with html file as source. You'll be surprised, I promise!


Now, in version 2.0, you can use the tool from command line. To do that, just use the following syntax:


text_to_html.exe [source.txt] [destination.html]


Where [source] is the input file that will be converted and [destination] is the output file. Be careful to give program both 2 parameters and do not forget the full path.