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The free version of TemplateShaker is fully-featured and if you don't have a problem with the attribution requirement it should be the right choice for you. However, one of the most-frequently asked questions is: "May I remove the credits link at the bottom of the template?" With the free version of TemplateShaker you cannot do this.


In case that you don't want to keep the "design by wonderwebware.com" link at the bottom of the template, you must purchase "pro" license.


In addition, some of the templates in the free version are licensed for non-commercial use only. In the "Pro" version all templates are licensed for both commercial and noncommercial use.


Pro-version advantages:

  • No attribution requirement
    The "pro" license gives you the right to use the templates without the attribution link ("design by wonderwebware.com"). In fact - when you purchase the "pro" version, you'll see that the program generates the templates with all attribution/copyright info removed.
  • More Templates
    The "pro" version includes 2 exclusive templates not available in the free version.
  • CSS Menu Generator
    CSS Menu Generator is now part of TemplateShaker Pro -- just select the respective css menu template, customize colors and menu structure and get the menu code with few clicks.
  • Customer support
    Because the pro-version is commercial software, you'll get the standard email support we all expect from software vendors.
  • One year free updates and upgrades
    This is nice option, I think, and I provide it here because I made the decision to provide this advantage for all customers of any of my commercial (non-free) products. As a pro-version user you will get all updates and upgrades of this product free of charge for one year. I plan to build more templates and you'll get these upgrades for free.

Price: USD $29

Transaction security:

I don't sell directly, so - I will never see your credit card info. The payment process is secured by the payment service provider.


Purchase Options:

  • Purchase via PayPal or Credit Card:


    You will get the full-version download link via email at the end of the purchase process.