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Sitemap Generator - HELP

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Step-by-Step Guide...

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To build your 1st sitemap, follow the instructions below:

  1. Run the Sitemap Generator

  2. Enter your domain name:

    sitemap generator step 1

    (NOTE: put only the domain name without the http:// prefix, for example – or Use the form you prefer – me, for example, I use more often the “” and not Which is important is that technically these are 2 different domains. En brief – just write your domain as usually…)

  3. Press the “Start” button.

    sitemap gen step 2

    Depending on your site size the program will take different time to spider the site and extract all links. Be aware that the usual speed for standard 2Mb connection will be about 200 pages per minute, so really big site with thousands of pages may take hours. If you leave the default settings the sitemap generator will work with just a fraction of your bandwidth and shouldn’t overload your connection – which means that you can safely work on your computer and surf the internet while Sitemap Generator is working in the background.



  5. When the entire site is processed, the program will generate all the sitemap files in their respective format. The first one is “Google Sitemap” – just save the file (for example – “mymap.xml”), upload it to your server and go to notify Google via your webmaster account.

    google sitemap xml

  6. For Yahoo sitemap, or for other export options - just click the respective tab -- you will see the "Save to File" and "Copy to Clipboard" buttons for every sitemap format ...

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