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ScreenRuler Version History

Screen Ruler Professional

  • on 26 Sep 2011 with the initial release of the new Screen Ruler Professional the good old Screen Ruler Free became part of the history. The new product, althought starting with version 5 (as a sign of appreciation to the free tool) is in fact completely new product (and that's why I renamed it to "Screen Ruler Professional"). It is hard to say what is not new in this version 5.0. I rewrote the whole program from scratch -- there is no even one line of code used from the old version (the new Screen Ruler is written in different programming language). Some of the new features are: unlimited number of guides, multiple-display support, display calibration included, rotation & angles support (you can measure diagonally), you can now use different figures (rectangles, squares, circles and so on), more settings, Mac OS version... The list can continue, but you get the idea.

    The "bad" news: Screen Ruler Professional is shareware (14-day free trial available on the download page)

Screen Ruler Free Versions (the discontinued product):


  • 8 Dec 2010 -- (ver.4.3) -- You can now manually set ruler position, width and height (useful when you need to measure exact size in pixels)
  • 03 Mar 2010 -- (ver.4.2) -- Option to hide info panel added; WxH calculation added in "pro" version
  • 03 Dec 2009 -- (ver.4.1) -- Custom unit support added; Guides reset function added; check for update (should be) fixed now...
  • 26 June 2009 -- (ver.4.0) -- After over a year, finally, the new version is here. Several bugs fixed, and few long-waited improvements added...
  • 05 May 2008 -- (ver.3.0) -- Option to adjust DPI manually added (which means you may correct wrong mm/cm/in scale)
  • 28 March 2008 -- (ver.2.0) -- Load image functions; the usual tweaks...
  • 17 Sep 2007 -- (ver.1.2) -- Measurement in inches added
  • 27 July 2007 -- (ver.1.1) -- Tray-icon improvements
  • July 2007 - (ver.1.0) -- Centimeters and guides added; install/uninstall wizard.
  • Original version -- The one I found in -- published by Zarko Gajic