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ScreenRuler Version History

Screen Ruler Professional

  • 5 May 2012 -- Version 6.0 -- Several user-requested features added and some improvements made, here is the full list of changes:
    • New setting added: Ctrl+Shift+Y / Minimalistic Readings
    • Request Feature system launched (you can be part of the future development in a transparent way now)
    • Inverted Alt/Cmd Behavior option added (useful when working with Flying Figures)
    • "Flying Ratios" added -- much like Flying Figures, but for Aspect Ratios (16:9, 4:3 etc.)
    • Pixel-Based Units (not calibrated) added -- useful when you don't want calibrated units (the regular ones) but want to say how many pixels your unit contains
    • Smaller Improvements:
      • Alt/Cmd+F shortcut added to toggle full screen (just like doubleclick)
      • Area now not shown in scientific notation
      • Area for pixels now shows megapixels instead of px2 by default (can be set from menu)
      • Quick links to "Edit Units" and "Edit Pixel-Based Units" added in "Units" submenus
      • Some quick links to screen ruler online resources added
    • Bugs fixed:
      • Alt/Cmd and figure resize now works better
      • "Stay on top" state now saved between restarts
      • Bug fixed: when changing figures from keyboard (on Windows) -- menus are now properly updated (the right figure is checked)
  • 15 Nov 2011 -- Version 5.1 -- Several issues fixed (mostly in Windows XP version):
    • Fixed Keyboard Shortcuts (there were several of them broken)
    • Some menu items were not properly refreshed (for example -- on "hide all tickers" the bottom menu ticker was not properly cleared)
    • In Windows 7 you can now show/hide the ruler by clicking the taskbar icon (the usual behavior was implemented)
    • New option added in the "View" menu (bottom-left labels) -- useful when you want to hide all readings and use just the basic rectangle
  • 03 Oct 2011 -- Version 5.01 -- The first minor update is here:
    • Fixed Area/Perimeter readings issues on the ruler and some figures (inner ruler, rectangle) -- when the space isn't enough the label will be shortened
    • Transparency dialog now says "Transparency" in the title instead of "Dialog"
    • Fixed the guides going dashed issue (it was visible "on hover" in some situations only)
    • "Set position/size" window title isn't "Dialog" anymore but the proper one
    • "Full screen" is now working as expected (resize and move are locked while in full screen)
    • "Stay on top" with InfoPanel hidden bug fixed
    • "Check for Updates" menu item will be visible now in windows if autocheck for updates is disabled.

  • 26 Sep 2011 -- Initial release (version 5.0; for older versions -- see the old version history)




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