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Screen Ruler Professional

14-day free trial:

MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 (4.9MB; 32bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows
Mac OS X 10.5+ / Intel (13.6MB; 64bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows

Installing Screen Ruler on Mac OS X

Screen Ruler Professional is distributed in standard .dmg file. However, if you are not sure what to do with this file, read below:


1) Download the Mac OS version of the program. The file downloaded will came into your "Downloads" folder:

screen ruler screen 1


2) Click the ScreenRulerPro.dmg file toopen the archive. This will mount the image and you will see the disk icon on your desktop:

screen ruler 2

and the opened archive in Finder:

screen ruler 3


3) To install Screen ruler in your system, drag the icon from the above shown mounted archive folder to your Applications folder:

screen ruler 4

Finder may open the Applications folder while you dragging, as shown below:

screen ruler shot 5

Just be sure to end the drag procedure at this place.


4) Now you may unmount the .dmg file -- click the eject icon


5) Now Screen Ruler can be launched as any other Application in your Applications folder:

Screen Ruler Pro





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