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Screen Ruler 4.3 is free, but unsupported and outdated version.
Unfortunately I cannot offer support of any kind for this version.


Disclaimer: this page is here only for reference! I don't offer any support for the old versions of Screen Ruler. The text below is outdated and there will be no future updates for the old versions.

Screen Ruler 4.3

For first aid on how to use this - read below.


Help Info - General Notes

The user-interface should be friendly, but who knows... So, here is a quick preview on how it works:


* The ruler is transparent and you can customize the level of transparency


* Use the left mouse button to move the ruler - as usual for all windows programs


* To use vertical and horizontal guides - left click over the respective guide (hides labeled as V Guide and H Guide on the screen shot below)


screen ruler



* To close, change units etc. -- right click over the ruler. Following menu appears:


screen ruler


* The program comes with system-notification area icon (bottom-right corner of the screen) - right-click over the screen ruler icon to open the menu. To put screen-ruler in the notification area (system tray) just click "minimize to tray"...


Screen Ruler Tray Icon


Since version 1.1 of the Screen Ruler, after a user request, I added "left-click" show/hide functionality -- you can show and hide screen ruler just by clicking with the left mouse button over the screen ruler tray icon



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