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Screen Ruler Professional

14-day free trial:

MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 (4.9MB; 32bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows
Mac OS X 10.5+ / Intel (13.6MB; 64bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows

Screen Ruler -- General Info

Screen Ruler Professional is a measurement tool for Windows and Mac operating systems.



Some of it's major features are:

  • Background and colors -- you are free to change the background color and the color for the text and guides (just click the respective items from the context menu)
  • Transparency / Translucency -- yo can adjust the transparency level both from the "background" dialog (look for the "alpha" input box) or from the "Transparency" dialog (accessible from the context menu and shortcut keys)
  • Vertical / Horizontal Guides -- as in photo-editing software, you can drag guides from the left and top tickers and unlike old versions of Screen Ruler now you can have unlimited guides
  • Flying Figures and Rotation -- you can use several types of figures to help you in your measurements -- circle, ellipse, rectangle, square, triangles (look at the "Flying Figure" menu for full list); Each Figure can be rotated and the program gives you the rotation angle, figure sizes, perimeter, area...
  • Inner Ruler -- One special "flying figure" is the inner ruler (you'll see it loaded by default) -- the idea behind it is that it can be rotated too.
  • Units -- by default Screen Ruler comes with several units predefined (pixels, centimeters, milimeters, inches, points) but it is quite easy to add your own units to the list
  • Direction -- you can now set the direction of the tickers (top-left / top-right / bottom-left / bottom-right) -- another long waited feature for some of the users of the previous versions.
  • The magnifier is now better (offering "raster grid" and color picker for example)
  • You can load images directly in the ruler (see the "Image" menu)
  • A lot of customization options -- large part of the program's menus is devoted to these show/hide turn on/turn off customization options...
  • Multi-display support (another feature people were asking for)
  • And a lot more ...

The only way to see all the features is by trying them, so -- please -- feel free to download and test the free trial version:

MS Windows
XP, Vista, 7 (4.9MB; 32bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows

OS X 10.5+ / Intel (13.6MB; 64bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows


Screen Ruler was meant to be intuitive tool. All functionality should be self-evident -- you can move and resize the ruler just as one will expect (dragging with mouse or pressing the arrow keys) and all the functionality is accessible from the context menu (except some key-combination described in the program's help info).


There are few differences between the Windows and Mac versions (mainly some shortcut keys and the visual appereance of some dialogs) and probably the most noticeable among them are:

  • "Alt" key in Windows versions is replaced by the "Command" key on Mac (I found this useful for my fingers)
  • The background / colors dialog is different (I am using dialogs that are closer to the operating system)
  • The window system buttons are in different location (which is the default for any program on the respective OS)

Besides -- there are some behavior differences coming from these two different worlds: on Mac you can use Cmd+H to hide the application (as with any other program) while on Windows there will be tray-icon where you can click to hide/show the ruler; on Mac there is main (top) menu while on windows there is a context menu for the tray icon ... But all in all -- the program should be almost the same in both versions.


The program comes with integrated help info, accessible here too (in case someone needs that):


Screen Ruler Pro





If you are looking for the old version help pages -- click here. NB: I don't offer any kind of support and there will be no future updates of the 4.xx version | Digg | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit



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