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Screen Ruler 4.3 is free, but unsupported and outdated version.
Unfortunately I cannot offer support of any kind for this version.


Disclaimer: this page is here only for reference! I don't offer any support for the old versions of Screen Ruler. The text below is outdated and there will be no future updates for the old versions.

Screen Ruler 4.3

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Question: When the Ruler runs in MS Windows 7 / Vista – a border is shown around the ruler. Is there any way to remove the border?

Answer: This trouble comes from the windows theme settings. To get rid of that border, follow the steps below:

1) Rightclick somewhere on your desktop to open the context menu and click "Personalize":
screen ruler vista 7

2) The personalization window appears. Click "Window Colors":

screen ruler vista 7


3) Window Color and Appearance dialog box appears. From the "Item:" combobox – select "Border Padding" and then set the "Size:" property to 0 (zero).

screen ruler vista 7

4) Click "OK" to apply changes. Now Screen Ruler should work as expected.





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