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Screen Ruler Pro

Screen Ruler Pro
is now FREE.

My good old Screen Ruler is now “abandonware”. That means: you can not buy it anymore, but as long as it still works, you are welcome to activate it free of charge (see below how).

It was and still is the best of its kind, but the market was so tiny that I decided to just let it go. Read below if you are interested in why I ended the support and further development of this tool. Or just activate it and use it free and with no limitations:


To Activate Screen Ruler Pro:

  1. Be sure you are connected to the internet

  2. Click the "Activate" button if the trial expired or go to the "settings/program" from the menu

  3. Enter anything in the "Serial Number" field and click the "Activate" button

That's it, you are now using the full, unlocked version.

Why I decided to end this shareware project

There were something like 20 sales in the first year or something like that.

It was on the top of google for the relevant searches.

Too much work that back then I was unable to monetize.

Then I completely lost interest, cause -- you know -- people gonna need to eat...

At some point the time passed, no more user emails, no more support requests... So I just stopped the "sales" pages

And forgot about this site at all...

A few weeks ago I suddenly remembered about wonderwebware.

But after all these years, most of the site is irrelevant.

But instead of turning off the lights, I decided to give some more life in the site and rewrote my other nice old tool (Sitemap Generator). It's now revived and kicking.

But Screen Ruler was a hard project. Qt/C++, required too much involvement to be developed. So I turned the plug on it.

Use it while it works. It still works on Win 10 here, don't know how it looks on the new Macs.

It's still unique and I'm a little sad.

But it would take months full time to work again on this for some new versions...for a tool only a handful of people use.

That's it. Freeware it is. Or probably -- abandonware is the better term.