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Page Speed Tester v.1.1

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Help Info

How to use this tool?

The average speed of some site/page is only 3 steps away:

  1. Enter the URL address in the top-left field
  2. Fill the number of page loads in the box below
  3. Click "Test" and wait some time (depending on target page speed and your internet connection)

The result will be calculated and shown in the yellow box in Bytes per Second.

screenshot 1

Note that this is relative speed - the tool is trying to simulate user behaviour and is counting the whole process - DNS requests, resolving host IP, negotiation with the server, downloading the page code and even loading the page into the respective box. This is very close to the usual browser behaviour.

Note 2: The tool will download only the source code - no javascript or image or other file will be downloaded.

As additional functionality, ou can get the page source itself (loaded in the left box) and the history of all tests performed - in the right box.

test code

The respective "Save" and "Copy to Clipboard" buttons can be used if you want to save/paste somewhere the page code or the results (history log). Note that when you use the "Save" or "Copy to..." buttons under the left box (downloaded page source) - you will esport all the code downloaded - if you download the page 3 times, the code will be repeated 3 times too...

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Installation & deinstallation

To use this tool, just download, install and run. If you decide to remove it -- there is an uninstaller provided.

If you download the zip archive - you will need to extract files first. However - Last versions of Windows are smart enought to auto-decompress zip files, so you can just open the archive and start program directly.

Download the compressed .zip file - 278 KB

Click the link above to download the zip from our shared hosting server. After saving the file on your computer, just extract the archive and that's it - the program is installed

Note that (depending on your Firewall software, if installed) you may be asked by your Firewall to give access to this tool to the Internet. It must have such access rights in order to download pages from the net, and you cannot use the tool if you deny to permit it to access the net.

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Large tests

If you want to perform very large test (more than 100 page loads) - the program will alert you. This is just a check that you really want to perform such a test. Be careful if you test real,live remote sites with more than 100 connections!


I didn't restrict the total number of retries because for localhost pages it can be useful if we can attack the page with much more requests.




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