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jpWare php login system - HELP

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Installation notes:


If you are not sure how to install the script, below are the basic steps you should take to get the script working:


1) Download the zip archive and unpack on your hard disk (I assume below you unziped the scripts in "jpWare" folder)


2) On your target server, create the MySQL database and user account for the script (you should have cPanel, Plesk or similar control panel that could be used for quick database creation).


3) Create the tables (dbtables.sql). If you don't know what that means, go to your hosting control panel and start phpMyAdmin (there should be an instance of phpMyAdmin installed everywhere). Select the database name you created in step 2 (just click on it in the left sidebar). Then click the "SQL" tab, copy the content of dbtables.sql file and paste it in the "Run sql query" textbox. Click "go" and if everything is ok you will get the tables created.

4) In the jpWare/include folder you will find file called constants.php. Open this file with your favorite text editor and take some time to read the descriptions for the different settings. The most important settings at this stage are the database constants:


define("DB_SERVER", "");
define("DB_USER", "root");
define("DB_PASS", "myPassWordHere");
define("DB_NAME", "dbName");


Set the right data here or the script will not be able to access thedatabase.


5) Set the other constants in the same file -- they are documented within the settings file itself and it should be evident how to use the respective settings.


6) Upload everything to the target server (I do hope you know how to use your FTP program)


7) In your browser, run the initial_setup.php page. It should looks like:


When started, this script will ask for some additional settings (admin, password etc.)


8) After executing the initial setup script, go and delete the initial_setup.php file from the server (never forget to delete all kinds of setup scripts from your server)


9) Go and check if it works by visiting the front page of the script, something like: