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HTML Converter 1.1




Registered users advantages:

  • Trial version limitations removed
    With the full version you can convert files bigger than 100 lines and -- naturally -- you'll get rid of the trial version startup reminder.
  • Customer support
    Because the pro-version is commercial software, you'll get the standard email support we all expect from software vendors.
  • One year free updates and upgrades
    This is nice option, I think, and I provide it here because I made the decision to provide this advantage for all customers of any of my commercial (non-free) products. As a pro-version user you will get all updates and upgrades of this product free of charge for one year. I plan to build more layouts and you'll get these upgrades for free.

Price: USD $9.95


Transaction security:


I don't sell directly, so - I will never see your credit card info. The payment process is secured by the payment service provider.


Purchase Options:

  • Purchase via PayPal or Credit Card: