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File Splitter Overview

free file splitter


File Splitter is a free tool that will split any file into pieces of any selected size. The difference between this file splitter and other similar products is that here you can select the exact split point – which is extremely useful when the split position does matter.


The best example is also the best explanation of why I made this tool: I had a situation with splitting 70MB SQL dump files, because phpMyAdmin doesn’t accept so big files. But in this case we cannot split the long file on random place – we must be sure that the sql commands will not be broken. In addition – the windows standard Notepad isn’t good choice for large files – in the case with 70MB txt file it just crashed. So – I build this File Splitter for my own use, but then decided to publish it (with several useful additions) for everyone in my situation…

System Requirements:

  • Windows
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 1 MB HDD


Installation / Deinstallation:

To install File Splitter - just follow the setup procedure. You can uninstall File Splitter at any time using the "uninstall" option.