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File Splitter - Help Info

To split file by selecting split-points manually, use "Manual Split Point" mode. Just open the file you want to split (click the "Open File" button) and click with the mouse cursor on the place you want the file to be splitted (as shown on the following screenshot)


manual file split


When you click somewhere in the text, the program will select everything from the beginning of the file to the current cursor position. Selected text (shown with black background) is the piece that will be saved in the separate smaller file. Under the edit box you can see what is the selection size. When you are ready, click on the "Cut and Save" button to save the selected piece of code. After saving the file, selection will be deleted from the edit box (original file is not touched, however) and you can continue by selecting the next piece...


The best way to see how it works is by playing with the program - just make some new folder somewhere, put some file inside and test how it works...


The second mode ("Auto-split") is just a standard splitter - you select the file to be splitted, define the size for the output files and click the "Split File" button:


auto split file