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for more info on how to use this tool-- read below...

Help Info

Step-by-step example: find duplicates in 2 files

The interface of Duplicates Finder should be self-explanatory, but one quick step-by-step example follows just in case you need it (the screenshots are from the 1st version of the program. It may look slightly different in the current version but the main buttons and options remain the same):

  1. Select your first file (the top "open" button)
  2. Select the second file (the "open" button at the bottom)
  1. Click "Process Files" and wait for the results.

duplicates checker


And get the list of the duplicates in the next window:


find duplicates in 2 files


Now - little more...


check for duplicate - settingsBy default the gizmo will strip all duplicate lines inside the two files, then will compare the two files line-by-line and will save the respective info in all these text-boxes. If you want to avoid the initial internal check for duplicates (which will leave all duplicates inside the file itself) - just uncheck the respective checkbox. Note that in this case you'll get all the repeated lines contained in the given file itself (the tool will treat as duplicates only the lines existing in both source files). In addition, the tool will generate several other files -- a version of each file with duplicates excluded, joined versions of the files with and w/o duplicates. (All these are because I need them for my own purposes. If you don't need these, just uncheck the respective checkbox)



The other option is little curious -- you may switch to "duplicate words" mode. If you do that, all the words from each file will be extracted first, then the usual comparison process will continue. To be fair, I have no idea why I added this, because I need line-by-line comparison here, anyway, it is here ;-)


Well, if you need more -- just experiment with the tool. Type some simple data in the file1/file2 edit boxes and play around...


Per user request, in version 2.0 I added new feature: you can now check the "ignore case" checkbox, which will instruct the program to ignore letter case (by default comparision is case sensitive).


And finally, if you find this gizmo absolutely useless -- please, do not hate me. I warned you at the very beginning that it is very specific gizmo...