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duplicates finder - HELP

for more info on how to use this tool-- read below...

Video guides

Find duplicate lines in two files:

There are few simple steps to get started: (1) select your text files, (2) set program's options (if you want) by checking few boxes, (3) click the "Process Files" button and wait some time (depending on your source files size) to get the result:


Strip duplicates from one (single) file

In the above example we compared 2 files, but nothing stops you to perform the check on one single file. Just make sure the "Strip internal duplicates" option is checked (that will force the tool to find duplicate lines or words in the file itself):


I don't think this simple tool needs more video samples. If you still, however, cannot find a way to use the tool for your particular needs -- don't hesitate to contact me with your questions.