Screen Ruler 6.0

The new version of Screen Ruler Professional is now here. This is major update and I would advise all users of previous version to upgrade. Most of the improvements in this revision are upon user requests. Here is what’s new:

— New setting added: Ctrl+Shift+Y / Minimalistic Readings — as the name shows, this option will show the height/width readings in minimalistic way (just the numbers)

— Request Feature system launched — from now on it should be even easier to send me your feedback. Just click the Request Feature menu item and you can be part of the future development in a transparent way

— “Inverted Alt/Cmd Behavior” option added to the Flying Figures menu– useful when working with figures, this option will switch the default behavior of the Alt key when resizing.

— “Flying Ratios” added — much like Flying Figures, but for Aspect Ratios (16:9, 4:3 etc.) This feature should be useful for anyone who needs to work with videos (for example — it will be really easy to see what will get cut when you transform 16:9 video to 4:3, or vice versa)

— Pixel-Based Units (not calibrated) added — useful when you don’t want calibrated units (the regular ones) but want to say how many pixels your unit contains (for example — if you want 1 cm to be exactly 100 pixels, you just go and define the unit as “Pixel-Based”. It will not be calibrated and thus useful when the actual size is let’s say a zoomed photo, medical scan or something like that.

— Some smaller Improvements:

Alt/Cmd+F shortcut added to toggle full screen (just like doubleclick)
Area now not shown in scientific notation
Area for pixels now shows megapixels instead of px2 by default (can be set from menu)
Quick links to “Edit Units” and “Edit Pixel-Based Units” added in “Units” submenus
Some quick links to screen ruler online resources added

— Bugs fixed:

Alt/Cmd and figure resize now works better
“Stay on top” state now saved between restarts
When changing figures from keyboard (on Windows) — menus are now properly updated (the right figure is checked)

To download the new version — just use the buttons below:

MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 (4.9MB; 32bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows

Mac OS X 10.5+ / Intel (13.6MB; 64bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows

PS: One final note — the price will stay at it’s current level for very few days only. After more than six months it’s time now to change the early bird price to the regular one so, for anyone who wants to save $5 bucks — be sure not to think far too long 😉

Chrome Web Store: How to Destroy your App’s User Base with Just One Update

In this guide you’ll learn how to destroy 2/3 of your user base in Chrome Web Store with a single update. Take a look on the chart:

This is the history of real chrome app and as you see, at the time when the “killer-update” came it was installed by almost 32,000 Chrome users. Then I made new version of the app and that single update caused a lose of almost 2/3 of the users. (They are 13,400 right now, but still dropping). Nice update, isn’t it 😉 And the problem was not in the updated code — it was just a simple new feature added. Still, some features may kill your app. Are you curious how I managed to achieve that? Then just read the rest of this post. That could save you from doing the same mistake…

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Community News Submission: To Do or Not?

Content is King. Google made this clear over the years.

But any king needs an army. And obviously — we are the army. Bloggers, web-masters, SEO specialists… We are all in the never-ending battle to get our sites popular. And since we have a king, a a holy goal and an army… what more we need?

Weapons (software and tools). Maps (any attack starts with a map). Data (because there is no other way to decide how we’ll fight our battle than relying on experience, analytics and …data). And this little piece of data is here to answer one single question:

Does Community News Submission work?

Well… It seems obvious that we need to submit our great articles to community-news sections of related sites. But is it that obvious? Yes, we all know any form of popularization is welcome (I don’t mean “black-hat things here), but when you have to decide where to put your time, it does matter what exactly one could expect. I couldn’t find a proof that it is a must to spend time to submit my blog posts to community-news sites, so about 6 weeks ago I started one small experiment to see does that really affect blog popularity. Continue reading Community News Submission: To Do or Not?

jQueryMobile: does it work?

The Story

Back in November, after few weeks of curiosity, I decided to give jQueryMobile a try. In my world that means: get the framework, create a real-life example and put it into the wild. It was “a must” especially in this case, because I couldn’t find any real-life example of using jQueryMobile back then (everything I managed to find was just these simple nice how-to tutorials, but I was interested in web apps, not mobile sites with few pages) It is always the same: everything looks fine with any framework when you read the documentation, but is it suitable (and where is it suitable) can be found only with real-life tests… Continue reading jQueryMobile: does it work?

Multiple Browser Testing: Beginner’s Guide

Are you a webmaster? Do you publish on the web? There is one big question any webmaster or site owner must answer: do my site looks as expected in different browsers and operating systems?

If you already know how to test the integrity of your design on different platforms and browsers, you may skip reading this post right now. For anyone new in website publishing: the testing services listed below are “a must”. Every browser (and even the same browser in different operating system) will render your html in a different way, and (unfortunately) often the end user can see something ugly instead of the beautiful page you designed. But (fortunately), there are very good and free cross-browser test services online and you don’t have any excuse to avoid them. These below are my favorites:

Adobe BrowserLab

This is one of the best and most used cross-browser testing services that works as standalone online service ( and also from within Dreamweaver. I would advice, however, to use the online version with testing on real, remote server (not from your development machine). In fact, when I am building sites, I am always testing this way — local files tend to lead to problems. The way I am doing it: create a testt site online (some subdomain or a domain I am using for tests only), then uploading the site as on the final (real) server and testing this online demo. This is the closest thing to the real site I am building and gives me the exact result on how the final site will perform. But for quick tests while you are designing the Dreamweaver integration is fine. The browser lab service is still free — just go oand create your account with Adobe (they will ask for confirmation of your email in the usual “confirmation link” way).

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Duplicate Finder 3.1

The new version of my free Duplicates Finder tool is now available for download. It was a quick release made upon a user request. The only new “feature” is that program will now show the file names instead of “File 1” and “File 2” (I don’t know why I didn’t made it this way from the beginning, but it’s now fixed)…
Download here:

5 site validators I am using daily

Sometimes I am lazy about the code quality of my own pages. If all the browsers are showing the page as expected and visitors are able to get my site content, I can live with some “not-valid” piece of code. But it’s me. When working for clients, I am always checking the validity of the code (and the site ata all). Everything must pass the standard validation tests. And speaking of standards, here is the list of the 5 test tools I am using (almost) every day:

1) The W3C Markup Validator

This is the validator. If you never checked your site’s code against this validator — go and do it. It is not just a validation service, it’s a learning tool too. After fixing the same type of error several times, I tend to avoid the wrong code in future. In brief — this (and all) W3 Validators are the industry standard for testing against the industry standards 😉

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5 Best Site Speed / Load Time Test Tools

I am using a bunch of testing tools on a daily basis. In the comming days I’ll publish several lists with my favorite test tools, starting today with my list of speed testing utilities.

Online Site Speed & Performance Test Tools:

These are “real-life” testing utilities. In general, you enter the URL, select among servers/locations, click a button and get the report (after some time of waiting for the actual test  to be performed). The advantage of these tools is that you can check the load speed of your site from different locations (different servers in different countries).

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Excuses & decisions

Programming goes slow in the last months. I am overwhelmed with other tasks (we all have jobs for living and such pet projects can be sometimes left behind for long time). This is something I don’t like, but it just happened. May be in the comming month I’ll be ablte to steal more time for wonderwebware programming, but still — I feel I owe you, all the users of my programs, an excuse.

Programming is hard job. But there are other ways one can put some value to a website. That’s why I decided to restart the “resource” section of I remember I put few resources here long time ago, then forgot about them. Why? A mystery… However, this blog is here and it costs no more than a hour a day to write a post about this or that. The web is full of challenges and I believe I can write some posts for beginners (naturally — keeping the web mastering theme on top).

So, as per this moment, the webmaster blog on will become a place not only to list the updates of my programs, but a place with some resources, tips, guides… Let’s hope there will be something useful inside.