Sitemap Generator Updated

Sitemap Generator version has been published. There is one annoying bug fixed (settings are now fully loaded at startup) and one new feature added in the “pro” version (load last saved project). The bugfix alone should be a good idea for anyone using the tool to upgrade. Remember: it’s free, so it’s just few clicks away.

Download ]

Excuses & decisions

Programming goes slow in the last months. I am overwhelmed with other tasks (we all have jobs for living and such pet projects can be sometimes left behind for long time). This is something I don’t like, but it just happened. May be in the comming month I’ll be ablte to steal more time for wonderwebware programming, but still — I feel I owe you, all the users of my programs, an excuse.

Programming is hard job. But there are other ways one can put some value to a website. That’s why I decided to restart the “resource” section of I remember I put few resources here long time ago, then forgot about them. Why? A mystery… However, this blog is here and it costs no more than a hour a day to write a post about this or that. The web is full of challenges and I believe I can write some posts for beginners (naturally — keeping the web mastering theme on top).

So, as per this moment, the webmaster blog on will become a place not only to list the updates of my programs, but a place with some resources, tips, guides… Let’s hope there will be something useful inside.


AV scanners and false positives

From time to time I receive sad/angry/informative messages from users that some antivirus scanner is reporting my programs as virus or trojan or suspicious file. Obviously those are “false positives” (the AV vendors are using this euphemism to replace “lies”). I have no idea why that happens. In the past I was publishing unsigned setup files, which could be part of the problem. But now everything is signed with my digital signature. The only reason for this to happen is the paranoid nature of some antivirus programs. Yesterday I had to deal with disappointed user who purchased my program just to see Nor**n saying it’s a virus and to stop the tool from working. I refunded the money, but no one could remove the bad taste feeling can’t be cured neither for me nor the user. According to nor**n, this tool is “suspicious” because is not very popular. Boy! I am writing niche software, I never intended to be popular with these tools. DrW*b directly says (lies) there is a virus in other of the tools I am publishing. Why? What virus? Kas***sky isn’t right now reporting any of my tools as virus, but it did that several times in the past… What is this? Why are antivirus programs lying about my programs?

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Site Redesign Complete

As you saw in the last weeks, I was transferring the site from the old design to the new one. It looks I can’t resist the temptation to change the look’n’feel of this site every year (I think this is the 4th design for less than 5 years) but well, we are web-masters at the end of the day…) Anyway, I finished the last sections (the blog) and even added some of these “follow me” buttons on all pages (just FB and Twitter so far but it should be enough for start). Now I will need to remember to update these profiles, but that’s another story. Thank you for your patianse in the last days (if you saw some strange behavior here or there, you know now what’s the reason)…

Screen Ruler 5.0 is out!

Yes! 4 months later, the new version of Screen Ruler is ready and published. A lot of good news (download and try in order to see all the changes) and one not-so-good piece of news (it looks like it is not free anymore)… Here is the download page: /screen-ruler-pro/


Direct download links below (fully-functional free trial version):

MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 (4.9MB; 32bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows

Mac OS X 10.5+ / Intel (13.6MB; 64bit):

Screen Ruler for Windows

And new template…

Finally I found the time in the last two days to play around and eventually change the good old wonderwebware template with something new. I know the black background isn’t the most loved background on earth, and I am not big fan of dark sites… however, it looks like I found a way to use black background without killing the readability of the template… Ok, let us hope you will not hate the new look…

Wonderwebware Site Submit Tool

Finally, I found few hours today to test and pack the first public beta of the new directory-submitter tool. It is quite simple semi-automated site submission “wizard” and (as many of the other tools on this site) I made it for my own use. But because it worked for me, I am rushing to make it available for everyone. Although it’s still early beta and the tool isn’t yet documented, I submitted my site to about 500 directories and I feel it is good enough to be published. I plan to continue developing the tool in future, but I really want to get some comments, bug-reports and ideas from users first…

The tool is available for download here: