Sitemap Generator Updated

Sitemap Generator version has been published. There is one annoying bug fixed (settings are now fully loaded at startup) and one new feature added in the “pro” version (load last saved project). The bugfix alone should be a good idea for anyone using the tool to upgrade. Remember: it’s free, so it’s just few clicks away.

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Sitemap Generator Updated

The new version of Sitemap Generator has been published.

This is minor, bug-fix release only — no new features but in any case, it should work little better now. The only “visible” bugfix is that now the program works on computers with non-English date format (this will fix the problem with the annoying message about “wrong date” on startup).

The download is on the usual place:

Sitemap Generator 9.71

That’s right, the new version if here and available for download. This is minor release with just few bugs fixed (mostly in the UI under some versions of Win 7). However, someone asked for “User-Agent” option and I added this (click “settings” button and go to the “experimental” tab).

download here:

And there will be new version soon, so you may want to click the “check for updates” button from time to time…


Sitemap generator on Linux !?

Yeah, I never expected that, but it should be now proven: the site map generator tool works in Linux with Wine. Few days ago the owner of posted a long and informative step-by-step guide on how he managed to start Sitemap Generator on linux. The full story is here:

(Just, please, remember that I have no idea why the tool works under Wine and I just cannot give you any warranty on this — the tool was never planned for such usage and my only “official” version is for Windows.)

Site map generator, again

Yes, the new revision of  Site Map Generator 0.97  is now available for download. What’s new:

  • Now you can set additional attributes for the xml site map (last modified date, refresh rate, page importance)
  • You can now send the program to the windows tray instead of keeping it all the time on the desctop (I suppose this is more important for XP users than 7, but however, it is here as an option)
  • Some new settings added for better control over the crawling process (will describe the changes in the help pages soon)
  • the usual code improvements and bugfixes (remember: sitemap generator is still <beta>…)

I think the tool becomes better with each new version. Something is still missing — the ability to work with large sites, so be warned that the maximal potential size of site that you can crawl currently is something like 50,000 pages (depends on your computer’s resources). In fact, there is no adequate reason to push the generator over this number, because it is still not capable to split site maps (and the maximal size of one sitemap file for google, as I remember, is 50K pages)… So, that’s the limitation that still persists…