Sitemap Generator Updated

Sitemap Generator version has been published. There is one annoying bug fixed (settings are now fully loaded at startup) and one new feature added in the “pro” version (load last saved project). The bugfix alone should be a good idea for anyone using the tool to upgrade. Remember: it’s free, so it’s just few clicks away.

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Community News Submission: To Do or Not?

Content is King. Google made this clear over the years.

But any king needs an army. And obviously — we are the army. Bloggers, web-masters, SEO specialists… We are all in the never-ending battle to get our sites popular. And since we have a king, a a holy goal and an army… what more we need?

Weapons (software and tools). Maps (any attack starts with a map). Data (because there is no other way to decide how we’ll fight our battle than relying on experience, analytics and …data). And this little piece of data is here to answer one single question:

Does Community News Submission work?

Well… It seems obvious that we need to submit our great articles to community-news sections of related sites. But is it that obvious? Yes, we all know any form of popularization is welcome (I don’t mean “black-hat things here), but when you have to decide where to put your time, it does matter what exactly one could expect. I couldn’t find a proof that it is a must to spend time to submit my blog posts to community-news sites, so about 6 weeks ago I started one small experiment to see does that really affect blog popularity. Continue reading Community News Submission: To Do or Not?