Duplicate Finder 3.1

The new version of my free Duplicates Finder tool is now available for download. It was a quick release made upon a user request. The only new “feature” is that program will now show the file names instead of “File 1” and “File 2” (I don’t know why I didn’t made it this way from the beginning, but it’s now fixed)…
Download here:

Duplicates finder 3

Yes, that toy got it’s 3rd release, and this time everything should be fixed (and I believe there will be no new bug-fix release soon)

  • In this version you can work with very large files (for example, I tested with images instead of texts)
  • Unicode is now fully supported
  • Clipboard functionality added (paste, copy) for those who want that

And starting with this release, I am signing the setup files (someone pointed me that this is good for some users). On setup windows may now say the program is issued by “Melanto”. For those of you who are curious — “Melanto Ltd.” is my company (it is still me, but company namehttp://wonderwebware.com/duplicatefinder/seems to be more useful when one sign setup files)…

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