Chrome Web Store: How to Destroy your App’s User Base with Just One Update

In this guide you’ll learn how to destroy 2/3 of your user base in Chrome Web Store with a single update. Take a look on the chart:

This is the history of real chrome app and as you see, at the time when the “killer-update” came it was installed by almost 32,000 Chrome users. Then I made new version of the app and that single update caused a lose of almost 2/3 of the users. (They are 13,400 right now, but still dropping). Nice update, isn’t it 😉 And the problem was not in the updated code — it was just a simple new feature added. Still, some features may kill your app. Are you curious how I managed to achieve that? Then just read the rest of this post. That could save you from doing the same mistake…

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jQueryMobile: does it work?

The Story

Back in November, after few weeks of curiosity, I decided to give jQueryMobile a try. In my world that means: get the framework, create a real-life example and put it into the wild. It was “a must” especially in this case, because I couldn’t find any real-life example of using jQueryMobile back then (everything I managed to find was just these simple nice how-to tutorials, but I was interested in web apps, not mobile sites with few pages) It is always the same: everything looks fine with any framework when you read the documentation, but is it suitable (and where is it suitable) can be found only with real-life tests… Continue reading jQueryMobile: does it work?