JavaScript Time Library

Several weeks ago I spent some time working with JavaScript for a separate project, and I needed some “stopwatch” functionality. I was shocked to find there were no good, simple classes to fit my needs. Moreover — there were awful examples for javascript time functions out there (like never-ending loop, to name the worst). So, I spent some time to write my own. And then, I just needed some more time to repack what I wrote as a useful small library. The result is already here: my JavaScript Time Library. There are no big things in this library — just a stopwatch and backward clock “classes” and some support functions. Still — it should be piece of cake for anyone to include this library in any javascript project (download and quick guide on the JavaScript Time library pages).

Example Usage

It’s simple as creating an object and firing the timer:

For more info — give a try to the examples and help info here.


Changing the width of menu made with css menu generator

This is very short tutorial that should help you to customize the width of the css menus generated with my css menu generator tool.

There are 2 hypotheses here: you want to resize the top-menu bar (the always visible menu line) or you want to change the width of the submenu items.

1) Change the width of the menu bar

This one is quite simple — just put your menu in container with specified width, something like that:

Put whatever value you need instead of “100px” in the example above

2) Resize the submenu items

The sub-menu width needs some not so trivial changes in the css.

Look between lines 57-82 of the css file, it should look similar to that:

(the comments are pointing the values to be changed)

Let say you want to give 2 ems more for the submenu width. In such case it must look like that now:

As you see, the easiest way is to add/substract what you need, but keeping the proportion. Still, it’s up to you — I prefer to use “ems” but you can set pixels or points or what best suits your needs.