Excuses & decisions

Programming goes slow in the last months. I am overwhelmed with other tasks (we all have jobs for living and such pet projects can be sometimes left behind for long time). This is something I don’t like, but it just happened. May be in the comming month I’ll be ablte to steal more time for wonderwebware programming, but still — I feel I owe you, all the users of my programs, an excuse.

Programming is hard job. But there are other ways one can put some value to a website. That’s why I decided to restart the “resource” section of wonderwebware.com. I remember I put few resources here long time ago, then forgot about them. Why? A mystery… However, this blog is here and it costs no more than a hour a day to write a post about this or that. The web is full of challenges and I believe I can write some posts for beginners (naturally — keeping the web mastering theme on top).

So, as per this moment, the webmaster blog on wonderwebware.com will become a place not only to list the updates of my programs, but a place with some resources, tips, guides… Let’s hope there will be something useful inside.


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    1. no, I don’t, but the RSS feed should cover all the news here. But that’s not so bad idea, may be I’ll start a newsletter some sunny day (but I promise I’ll not write about Teresa Palmer ;-))

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