The next version of Screen Ruler …

As some of you may know, I am working hardly on the next version of Screen Ruler. Basically, I am rewriting the whole tool from scratch. It will be easier to say what’s not new in this new version (all the good things from the old one) instead of saying what’s new. However, someone asked today for a screenshot.

However, this screenshot is just the current development version, as it looks right now on my computer, not an “official” screenshot. Please, don’t ask where the download is, it is still in early tests here and I will never release the program before I am sure it works as expected.

I hope this next revision will become available before the end of the month. So, if you are Screen Ruler user — Don’t forget to click “check for updates” button from time to time…

Here is it, still working only on my computer, but soon — everywhere:

click to enlarge


Sitemap Generator 9.71

That’s right, the new version if here and available for download. This is minor release with just few bugs fixed (mostly in the UI under some versions of Win 7). However, someone asked for “User-Agent” option and I added this (click “settings” button and go to the “experimental” tab).

download here:

And there will be new version soon, so you may want to click the “check for updates” button from time to time…