TemplateShaker 3.0

The new version of Template Shaker is finally here. It took really long time, mainly because I rewrote the whole tool twice in the last several months. No many new templates, but I finally added important new features…

Some of the news:

* CleanPage and UltraSimplicity templates rewritten. If you used these templates for your sites, you may want rebuild your site templates with the new versions to avoid the old menu code. In the old versions of these templates the pull-down menu was really ugly, with all these IE6 fixes. Now the menu uses other IE6 fix that doesn’t break the code.

* Menu Editor Added — Now you can edit the menus from the Shaker itself. This is the answer of the frequently asked question “how to edit menu structure”

* Two menu templates with bundled menu generator now added for “pro-version” customers only. This is the most useful “pro-version” improvement

* Several important fixes and improvements in the program itself (like open/save buttons, external IE preview…)

NOTE: Before installing the new version, please — uninstall the old version first! It should work if you just install the new version over the old one (at least it worked in my tests here), but it is always better to remove the old files first…

How to update?

If you are pro-version customer, just click “Get the new version” button to update your installation.

If you are using the free version — visit the product section of this site and get the new version from the download page: http://wonderwebware.com/templateshaker/

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